As a child, I decided to become a guitarist, and never changed my mind. I grew up in Washington DC, a center of constant musical activity and performance. By junior high, I was playing in bands, doing the typical circuit of high school dances and social functions. I moved into bars and nightclubs as a teenager, long before I was old enough to drink. Throughout my twenties and thirties, I played guitar and bass in bands performing rock, blues, jazz, top forty, folk, country, reggae–just about every kind of popular music.

I moved to Key West in 1995, and for twenty years I played in the house band at Captain Tony’s Saloon (yes, the bar made famous by Jimmy Buffet). I played nearly every venue in the Lower Keys, solo, as well as in bands backing Key West legends such as Bill Blue, Randy Lewis, Michael McCloud, Robert Albury, and Caffeine Carl Wagoner.

After so many years onstage in front of diverse audiences, my set list includes hundreds of songs; some I perform solo with acoustic guitar, some with backing tracks for acoustic or electric.

I recently relocated to Dunedin, Florida, and play gigs in the greater Tampa Bay area. I would love to hear from you regarding your band, venue, or event.